Architect, geomant and consciousness researcher for almost four decades

As an architect, geomant and consciousness researcher, I and my team now support the interaction of people, places and landscapes.

In the beginning, everything was already there
From early childhood, my grandmother’s house on the edge of the Alps shaped me. I experienced this world as a paradise animated through and through. Here everything seemed to talk to me, every object, every phenomenon, every place. This is where my journey into the consciousness of matter began.

This world of my childhood

where everything was so special

The light so bright

The food so good

The snow so high

Winter so cold

Where everything spoke to me


Diese Welt meiner Kindheit

wo alles so besonders war

Das Licht so hell

Das Essen so gut

Der Schnee so hoch

Der Winter so kalt

Wo alles zu mir sprach

Learning with international architects

After studying architecture with Günter Behnisch, among others, I was able to learn my craft as a young architect with representatives of the world elite of architects, among them Peter Wilson in London, Santiago Calatrava in Zurich, Daniel Libeskind in Berlin, and Alfredo Arribas in Barcelona.

Initiations by spiritual masters

Already introduced to the topic of architectural programming, I deepened my knowledge through spiritual training with Yashi Kunz (Christianity), Sogyal Rinpoche (Tibetan Buddhism), Thich Nhat Hanh (Zen Buddhism), Master Sha (Taoism), Alexander Aandersan (Christianity), Aaravindha Himadra (Hinduism).

Introduction to the ancient knowledge of architecture and urban planning
My knowledge universe was completed by well-founded training with the masters of geomancy such as Hans Jörg Müller (axis mundi) from Germany, Marko Pogačnik, from Slovenia and others.
Teaching as a platform for own research
The search for the deep old knowledge of architecture and urban planning led me to one of the old great mystical cities of Europe, Prague. There I taught at the Czech Technical University (Head of Design Studio) and the Academy of Applied Arts (Head of Creativity Seminars).
Working with the subtle world that sleeps in everything
Rooted in old and new, comprehensive fields of knowledge, applied and integrated in today’s modern world, tailored to the needs of our customers, we have been successfully advising and accompanying property owners, builders, brokers, companies and organizations for decades — in a time of profound and very rapid change.
If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact me