Support in Real Estate Marketing

Support in Real Estate Marketing

Every property has levels of consciousness, imprints, a kind of program, a matrix. Thus, information is stored which might stand in the way of a sale.
We accompany you in an insight, transformation and solution process with the aim of a sale which is suc­cessful in every respect.

Villa on a lakeside

From despair to happy resolution

A beautiful villa built in Art Nouveau style with a large plot of land, directly situated on a charming lake, for an affordable price. The market was booming and yet no one wanted to buy the property that had been offered for sale by three different brokers in a row for seven years.

  • Sales support
  • Sold within three months at a good price to the favorite buyers who are still friends with the sellers today
  • Working together with the customers on site for several days
  • In-depth work with the property and the property in contact with the landscape space
  • Application of various disciplines
  • Transformation of negative imprints of the place
  • Transformation of personal, content-related parallels
  • Successful sale
  • New friends