Personal Coaching

If the meaning of everything does not open up…

freely adapted from Andreas Bourani

Everything we encounter in life has a meaning. We become aware of topics, connections and lines of development that present themselves to us because they hope for attention and change.


Places, being a mirror of our soul, help us on our own inner process of understanding and transformation.

We support people on their way to their true inner core and accompany them through processes of insight, development and transformation

Repositioning Management Consultant

From a waiting position to a highly requested expert

After a very successful early career in the management consulting industry, our client had left this industry to devote himself to his personal development and to learn holistic healing methods. After a few years, it seemed necessary to take a decision between the two paths: either to resume the path of the management consultant or to further pursue the path in the healing sector. 


We encouraged him to combine both areas of knowledge and to make healing impulses effective for the economy. We helped him to work out and strengthen his own identity and to position himself with a new orientation in the market of management consultants. Since then, he has been extremely successful on his way.

  • Assistance in professional repositioning
  • Clear focus
  • Connection to his own power sources
  • Successful professional career
  • Energetic work with the apartment floor plan
  • Integration of the missing areas and topics
  • Working with karmic and systemic layers
  • Transformation of the negative imprints
  • Transformation of the personal, content-related parallels
  • Analysis of job situations

Very successful for many years as a facilitator for an international management consultancy