Professionals and Experts
Spectrum of Competences
Unexpected new possibilities

The concerns and needs of our customers are the focus and center of all our efforts. Very often nowadays they can no longer be served only by using traditional methods.


We therefore offer a wide range of competences, disciplines and methods, which are represented by an unique network of experts whose expertise is based on many years of experience on the international stages of architecture, geomancy, management consulting, spirituality or urban planning.


They serve a spectrum from the mental and spiritual levels of our reality to creative, structural and entrepreneurial implementation.

May Carro Cabaleiro
Spiritual Guide / Artist / Art Therapist

Expert in spiritual guidance

Peter Florian Frank

New Spaces / Geomancy in the Mirror of the New Earth

Expert for the evolutionary processes of our earth and their integration into our own processes, places and companies

Susanne Merker
Feng Shui Consultant, Business Administrator, Interior Designer (sgd)

Expert for ancient asian knowledge / medial coaching / systemic constellation work / transformation work

Winfried Skarke
Essence Strategist / Advertising Agency Owner / NLP Practioneer / Learning Biologist / Systemicist
Expert for the essence strategy / graphic design / constellation work
Marlene Staiger
Geomant / Geomancy Instructor / Garden Designer / Consciousness Developer

Expert for communication between humans and the spiritually ensouled earth

Birgit Steinhagen
Spiritual coach / healer for psychotherapy / homeopath

Expert for the integration of consciousness processes on the personal level

The knowledge of astronomy / electrobiology / measurement technology / ritual techniques / spirituality / western astrology can also be applied by highly specialized experts of our network.

Companies in our network from the fields of architecture / graphic design / landscape architecture / marketing / management consulting can be involved in the integration and implementation of the developed concepts.