The invisible made visible


We offer a process-oriented work which is based on conscious­ness work with places, including karmic and systemic aspects. The fundaments for our approach are the spiritual teachings of Western and Eastern traditions, some of which are thousands of years old, as well as modern techniques developed in recent decades.
Companies are shaped by all energetically relevant factors and structures, such as the consciousness levels of the company loca­tions (energy and information fields), in particular the headquarters, the founding location, the founding personalities, important data of the company's history (notary appointments / commercial register entries / etc.), logo and naming, corporate and personnel struc­tures, and much more. They all shape the soul level of the company.

Negative imprints are transformed, potential levels are elaborated and strengthened, identity profiles are created, energetic concepts are developed, corporate and marketing concepts are energized.
We offer a process-oriented work which is based on consciousness work with places including personal karmic and systemic aspects.
After all the negative imprints of the place have been cleared, the potential power of the place has been developed , which forms the basis for recognizing the identity of the place and taking the appro­priate measures. Identity definition, energetic conception, architec­tural conception and marketing conception are steps within this process.
Consciousness levels of the location get analyzed, negative imprints are transformed, important historical data are analyzed, potential powers of the place are identified, marketing is checked.
In the case of a generational transition, the main task is to examine the family system and the resulting energetic imprints of the assets. The consciousness levels of buildings and companies are analyzed in combination with the karmic imprints of the owners and get included in the work.
All of our methods are supported by a network of specialists who have profound experience in their respective fields.
Analysis of time qualities / Astrophysical energetics / Element theory / Energetic color science / Energetic material science / Theory of forms / Theory of genii / Geosomatics / Theory of harmonics / Landscape geomancy / Metrics / Numerology / Qualitative geology / Plant science / Planetary theory / Proportionals / Radiesthesia / Sacred geometry / Space energetics / Psychology of space / Religious cosmologies / Directional theory / Vibration diagnostics / Symbolism / Geo-electric and radioactive measurements / Transformation techniques / Western astrology
Comparison of personal data with the energetic fields / Chinese astrology / Karma science / Meditation / Spatial psychology / Directional theory / etc.
Mediumistic Coaching / Systemic Constellation Work / Awareness Work

The program can be supplemented by workshops for perception and awareness training.