By Dott. Stefania Canali, Fattoria Nittardi, Toscana — Frankfurt

Dogana with St. Maria della Salute, Venezia

There are cities we love and cities we want to live in

There are cities we love and cities we want to live in: and the mother of all is Venice, la Serenissima. Venice is a woman, Apollinaire called her the “sex of Europe” (le sexe même de l’Europe). She welcomes those who flee into her protective arms with the qualities and generosity of a mother who never asks anything. And she has always had this function. 1000 years ago it hid the Venetians from Attila just as today she hides all those fleeing from the modern Huns. Smilingly, Venice attracts everyone with that unique light that combines the blue of the sea with the blue of the sky. This reflects our human history anew every time, like an infinite rainbow.

Like an old-fashioned mother, she rarely gives the keys to her door. But she stays awake, sometimes receives you tired, always with dignity. She hugs you with white eyes without crushing you and tells you quietly: Welcome home.

Stefania Canali