Generational Transition

Generational Transition

A material heritage is always accompanied by an ideal heritage

With the passage of time, real estate, businesses or wealth pass from one generation to the next. At this moment, not only the material assets change its owner, but also all the associated energetic imprints.


This is a moment of greatest challenge, which requires the greatest possible concentration and know-how, not only because the next generation wants to do things differently but also because planetary change of our time brings with it completely different challenges.

We accompany the transformation and development processes on the basis of our know-how.

Strengthening a family

The way to happiness
A family that managed to build an empire within a gen­eration. However, one family member of the next gener­ation had to deal with a variety of problems, especially relationship issues and issues concerning her children.

Working with the family system, including energetic levels of the inhabited place, the company and the own karmic situation, helped to create a solid basis and gave impulses for the development of the future role in family and company succession processes.