Mining activities in Atlanta, USA
Mining of mineral resources

Decisions in mining are mainly based on geological investigations covering the quantity, quality and the feasibility of recovering the mineral resources. The extraction is planned and carried out without previously respecting the vital forces of the place and without asking them whether they agree with the project or under what conditions they would have agreed.


Due to this careless approach, the vital forces of the place usually form very strong aggressions, which then emanate from the place into the country and which, being stored on the information level of the raw materials, are also exported to the whole world.


We believe that these forces of aggression, vagabonding through the landscape, have caused wars and numerous conflicts that could have been prevented by a mindful approach.


Therefore, we suggest to approach and treat the places and their vital forces in a mindful and respectful way which includes all relevant factors and meets the demands of our time. We are happy to make our expertise available for this purpose