Mother Earth

The famous “Earthrise” photo taken by Apollo 8 astronauts during their trip around the moon on Dec. 24, 1968. NASA
Our planet, our Mother Earth, is without a doubt a divine beauty. She is a highly spiritual being, a living organism. She is a sanctuary on which we humans live.
All life that exists is in its essence of light. All life that exists is inter­connected in / through these dynamic light structures and thus forms a unity. Everything we do to our planet, we also do to ourselves. If we damage her, we also harm ourselves, if we support and strengthen her, we do the same with ourselves. Only through a loving treatment of her, peace and a feeling of being in good hands can arise in us.

Only from the moment when we begin to see ourselves as a friend of the earth, offering her our friendship, will we be able to experience what it could give us, only then will it be possible for us to connect directly with the creative forces of this reality — which is our reality.

Our planet is a sanctuary, but our body is also a sanctuary. Our being on this planet allows us to develop into Godlike beings. Our heart is connected to the heart of Mother Earth. Our aura is like hers.

To devote oneself to these connexions and this understanding is a wisdom as old as the stars …