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A building is a declaration of love to the place

Architectures, spaces and structures, urban complexes and landscape designs serve to express and multiply the vibrations of places. Together they create the melody of a place.
The moment the design of a place is one with the dy­namics of a place, we are supported by the dynamics of the place and can succeed in life.
A place of inspiration

From the risk of insolvency to a thriving company

A very accomplished entrepreneur had bought a hotel from the 1970s, on the one hand to prevent the realization of a completely oversized hotel complex and on the other hand to realize an unusual hotel concept adapted to the landscape at this location.


The aim of the project was to ensure economic success.

  • Eliminate the obstacles
  • Business development support
  • Clear guidelines for the development of the hotel
  • Energetic Analysis
  • Processing of karmic connections to the landscape space
  • Working on karmic and systemic issues
  • Processing of negative impressions of the hotel location
  • Processing of landscape references
  • Processing of landscape features
  • Harmonization of the place
  • Elaboration of the corporate identity
  • Alignment of the existing concept with the identity of the place
  • Support in the design adaptation of the hotel
  • Support in marketing issues
  • A significantly upgraded landscape
  • An economically, content-related and socially functioning hotel
  • A happy place