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A building is a declaration of love to the place

Architectures, spaces and structures, urban complexes and landscape designs serve to express and multiply the vibrations of places. Together they create the melody of a place.
The moment the design of a place is one with the dy­namics of a place, we are supported by the dynamics of the place and can succeed in life.

Paradise of biodiversity

The way to happiness
A married couple, her a biologist, him a financial expert, bought an old farm with 3 hectares of land in the foot­hills of the Alps with the aim of creating habitats for the greatest possible variety of plants and animals.

We accompanied the project on the energetic level in order to ensure the best possible support. The energetic imprints of the site since the creation of the farm in the 18th century and even from earlier uses of the property were reappraised and transformed. The structural measures for various supplementary constructions to the main building were also accompanied by us.

It was interesting to see how, in tune with the energetic processes of the place and its inhabitants, plant pop­ulations appeared spontaneously in order to accom­pany these processes with their healing effect.