Consumption of Places

Holiday Season in Polignano a Mare, Italy / 2017

We are used to living in a society of consumption. In recent decades, however, a new form of consumption has emerged which includes the consumption of places and landscapes. More and more people are travelling from one place to another at an ever-increasing speed. Today here, tomorrow there. Some business travelers sit on a plane every other day. Tourist trips are increasingly carried out over long distances for only a few days.


There is a hunt for great places where you can get great experiences.


Originally, the peculiarity of a place always originates from certain vital-energetic and essential levels, which generate the life force of a place. Now, if a place is flooded by too many people who have no awareness and no real interest in these levels, the life force with all its producers and carriers retreats into the depths of the earth and waits there for better times.


All places carry within them a beautiful, unique potential — including the places where we live. But mostly it is not recognizable. We want to encourage people to explore, develop, respect and appreciate the paradise quality of their own places. This is the way how we can find happiness within us in a sustainable form.