Development of Companies

Development of Companies

Places can create successful global corporations

their power is completely underestimated

Until last century, individual families had access to the more than 2000-year-old knowledge about how to deal with the dynamics of places and used this knowledge as a basis for the development of their companies.
Companies are associated with numerous fields of energy and information, including those of the place. The management of the relationship between place and company forms the basis for an entrepreneurial identity and the success of the company.
We support companies in coordinating their energy, corporate and marketing concepts with the dynamics of the places in such a way that they get the optimal support for the success of their activities.

Realignment of a company

From the sidelines into the power
A global company that had come under pressure due to the digital transformation. After the acquisition of many former competitors and various mergers, it was one of the few remaining players in the market.
  • Eliminate the obstacles
  • Business development support
  • Liberation from energetic legacy
  • Raising awareness of corporate identity
  • Analysis of company foundation and company history
  • Analysis of founding location
  • Analysis name and logo
  • Analysis management crew
  • Processing of the energetic legacies of the acquired and integrated companies
  • Establishment of the energetic integrity of the company
  • Intensive processing of the negative imprints of the company location (headquarters)
  • Analysis of further company locations
  • Working with the soul level of the company
  • Elaboration of the corporate identity
  • Development of concepts for conversions (headquarters)
  • Impulses for the realignment of companies
  • Impulse Sales Headquarters
  • Business development support
  • Impulses for the realignment of the company’s marketing
  • Sale Headquarters at a sensational price